Midnight Sun Emporium - art

Prints, Carvings and Pictures by Yukon Artists

From Ted Harrison to First Nations, take a look at our wonderful selection of artwork that captures the beauty of Yukon's natural scenery. At Midnight Sun Emporium in Whitehorse, we also sell locally made and designed jewelry and craftworks.

Ted Harrison and Yukon Landscape
A member of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts, Ted Harrison was one of the best recognized ambassadors of Yukon visual arts. Using boldly juxtaposed strata of bright colours, he developed a distinctive style in showing the radiance of northern landscapes.

Visit Midnight Sun Emporium to take a closer look at Ted Harrison's prints, as well as other artworks, such as:
  • Limited edition prints
  • Yukon scenic pictures
  • Local art
  • First Nations art (prints, carvings)
  • Moose hair tuftings (hair is used as embroidery)
  • Mastodon ivory (carvings)

If you're interested in more information on the Canadian and Yukon-made art that we sell, please email or call our store.